CIY Move - FAQ

Here to answer all your questions and help you register for one of the greatest events of the summer!
  • What (and when) is CIY Move?

    • In the words of CIY (Christ in Youth), "Move is a 5-day, high school only event, designed to amplify Christ's call on students' lives to become kingdom workers." They have more information on the details of this amazing conference on their website:

    • We will be gone June 26th-July 3rd


  • What are the steps for registering?

    • Step 1: Complete the Event Registration and Deposit by February 21st. (You can find a link at the bottom of this page.)

    • Step 2: You will receive a letter in the mail after registering. You will need to complete the forms listed and pay your remaining balance online by June 1st.​​ You can also go here to see the forms needed.

  • How do I know for SURE I’ve registered?

    • Once you have finished the registration and paid your deposit, your spot is reserved! You will then receive a letter in the mail. You need to complete the online forms listed in the letter and pay your trip balance by February 21st and you will be good to go!


  • When and where do I need to drop off my stuff?

    • You will need to show up the evening before we leave, June 25th, between 5-7 pm. You will need to have EVERYTHING packed and ready to go except for your overnight bag, which you will bring with you the morning we leave.

  • What time do I need to show up to leave for CIY?

    • 6:00 AM - Don't be late!

  • What do I need to pack?

    • For a complete packing list, click here.

    • Make sure you check out our theme nights. There will be a free t-shirt for the winner of each night!

  • What do we need to pack for the overnight stop?

    • We will stop at a church and sleep on their gym floor for the night on the way to Cleveland and at a church camp on the way back. This means you need to come on the morning of the 4th with an overnight bag (think backpack size) packed and ready to go. Same thing for the morning we leave CIY. You WON’T have access to your large bag on the overnight trip.

    • Overnight Bag Packing list:

      • Change of clothes

      • Towel (if you plan to shower at the church)

      • Toiletries

      • Bedding (sleeping bag or sheets/blanket)

      • Cot/air mattress/camp roll (This is optional, but you will be sleeping directly on the floor if you don’t have it.)​​

  • Why can’t I bring my cell phone?

    • While cell phones are nice to have, we have found that they are a distraction and a safety concern that aren’t necessary to our trip. One of the largest benefits of “getting away” to experience community and fellowship and learn more about Jesus is being rid of daily distractions, including cell phones.

    • If you have an emergency and need to contact your student, you may call or text Matt’s cell phone at any time: (479) 466-7787.


  • How can I keep up with my child if they don’t have their cell phone?

    • We want to encourage you to follow us on Facebook (22Forty Student Ministries) or Instagram (22fortypgcc) to see occasional photos of our exciting time at CIY! If you have an emergency and need to contact your child, call or text Matt at (479) 466-7787. If he doesn’t answer immediately, we may be in class or session. Leave a message and he will get back to you ASAP! Please do not contact any of our other adults to inquire or check in on your child. They are trying to minister to our great kiddos and don’t need any distractions!

  • If I decide not to go, can we get a refund?

    • Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for deposits. We are still responsible for paying for your spot, so we will still have to use your deposit to cover that. 

  • Who will my kid be rooming with? Who will they ride with on the bus?

    • Students get to choose who they room with and who they sit next to on the bus. We separate by gender on the van seats so that males don’t sit directly next to females and vice versa.


  • How much money do I bring?

    • You will need money for 7 fast food restaurants and 1 sit-down meal and spending money if you choose to buy CIY merchandise or snacks at our gas station stops.

  • What if my kid has food allergies?

    • At each stop, there will be multiple choices for food so that they can pick something that fits their diet. The same will be true for our stay at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. They will have multiple options each day for your child to choose from.

  • What about taking medicine? Is there a nurse?

    • If your child takes any medication, prescription or over-the-counter, it needs to be turned in the morning we leave in the original bottle with the dosage included. We will have a nurse on our trip that will administer all medications.