CIY Packing List

Here to help you plan for the best week of your summer!
(Because we know you're probably packing the night before and need just a little help.)
  • Things you SHOULD pack...

    • Bible, pen, notebook

    • Money for 6 fast food meals and 1 sit-down meal

    • Spending money (Merch store, offering, gas station stops, etc.)

    • Toiletries (Don't forget that shower cap!)

    • Towels (One to use, one to dry)

    • Hand towel/soap for the sink in your room

    • Medication (You will turn this in the evening before or the morning we leave.)

    • Alarm clock/watch (NO CELLPHONES OR SMART WATCHES)

    • Twin bedding/sleeping bag, pillow (Keep this with your overnight bag!)

    • Reusable water bottle

    • Clothing for the week including theme nights! (Don’t worry about buying anything, just use what you already have if you can.)​​ There will be a free CIY t-shirt for the winner of each night!

      • Crazy Sock Day – make those feet fancy!

      • Camo (Tibbit) Day - blend in with the trees

      • ‘Murica – Celebrate our independence with all your red, white, and blue gear

      • Dad/Mom Day - dress like a parent would (mom jeans, messy bun, socks and sandals, etc.)

      • 22forty Shirt – we’ll provide the shirt

    • Clothing for rafting (shorts/swim trunks and a dark t-shirt)

    • Recreation equipment (Frisbee, football, etc.)

    • Flashlight​

  • Things you SHOULD NOT pack​...

    • CELL PHONES (If you have any questions about this, please see our FAQ or talk to Matt Tibbit.)​

    • Drugs or drug paraphernalia

    • Tobacco or tobacco products

    • Alcohol of any kind

    • Weapons of any kind

    • Scandalous clothing (Short shorts, low-cut tops, spaghetti straps, etc.)

    • Prank materials (Saran Wrap, silly string, monkeys, etc.)

    • ELECTRONICS (No music, movie, or video game playing devices. The only electronics allowed are straight alarm clocks, electric shavers, hair fixin' contraptions, and necessary medical equipment.)

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