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Birth - Pre-K
Kindergarten - 5th Grade
6th - 12th Grade

We strive to partner with parents to lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of following Christ. We believe seeds of faith can be planted in children's hearts and minds even in their early months. It is our vision and goal to have a scheduled time during the hour to sing to the children, tell them a Bible story, pray over them, pray with them, and tell them "Jesus loves you."

We want to reach children, Kindergarten through 5th grade, by partnering with parents, teaching the Bible creatively, and discipling kids in a fun, safe environment. Every volunteer is

top of the line and is dedicated to helping families grow in

Christ together. 

For 6th-12th grade students, we want to encourage a life of faith through biblical teaching, fun and engaging activities, and many opportunities to grow and deepen in their understanding of who God is. We want to maintain open relationships with parents and qualified volunteers to encourage students to serve God in all areas of their lives. 

For all who have graduated high school to 20-somethings we invite you to grow in the Lord together with a community of your peers through Bible study, prayer, and encouraging relationships.

18 years - 20-somethings

For all women looking for unity and growth in Christ. We offer many opportunities to study the Bible, fellowship, and serve with other women. 

We want to encourage all men to seek freedom in Christ. Join us for our Men's Encounter, a weekly Bible study, or to serve in the church and community.