What to Expect

What should I wear?


Come as you are! From jeans to a suit, you are welcome.

We are more concerned for you as a person than for your fashion sense!



What is worship like?


PGCC believes that worship is not limited to the Sunday morning celebration of song and praise to Christ. As a part of our worship philosophy, PGCC participates in communion as a church body every Sunday as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. There is a wide age range of people who attend Prairie Grove Christian Church and the music reflects that. On any given Sunday you will probably hear both classic hymns and current worship songs. Typically, our worship band features a full arrangement of instruments including: drums, guitars (bass, acoustic and electric), piano and keyboard.



What are the services like?


We usually begin with music and singing, followed by (in no particular order) a message or lesson, a quiet time to take communion, an opportunity to give an offering, and a time to pray together or individually. Sometimes there might be a video, a special song by the children’s choir, or individuals sharing their personal stories of how God is changing their life. The preaching at PGCC is Bible-based and Christ-centered. Every Sunday you can be sure to hear a practical message centered on the Word of God with clear application for your life in today’s culture.

You can watch any of our sermons on www.vimeo.com.




What time are your services?  How long are they?


We have two Sunday morning services: one at 9:00 AM and one at 10:30 AM.  They typically run about an hour and fifteen minutes (give or take a few depending on who’s preaching). We also have a short break in between services where we have coffee and donuts available in the Family Life Center. Find the Family Life Center on our church diagram here!

Prairie Grove Christian Church

611 Wayne Villines Road

Prairie Grove, AR 72753


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